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Echoes of Life

The echoes, The echoes fade away
Like the sun, moon and the stars never stay
With relationships they seem to fade too
What’s a person going to do, to do

Louder I scream, stones underfoot stir
Causing my heart beat to echo for sure
Being close to the edge I back away
Stirring up more echoes some other day, day

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/06

Placating The Silent Demons

We all have the space the mind simply sealed
Boarded up with nails waiting to be healed
Pain hidden by shock rush into my dreams
Wakened in cold sweat mouthing silent screams

Run away and play
Freak another day
Pop another pill
Fade today and chill

Flashing ashes burn
Trying to return
Breathe in deep then sigh
Lie to your God then cry

© 2011 Michael Yost