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This Then That

Can’t get no satisfaction

Not locking in on anything

Adrift on the wind caprice

Fourth line slips; like a greased pig

I started to change myself talk

Gaining new strength with every word

This is truly who I am today

I don’t need another cure

Versifying verifies our voice

The voice that holds us up high

As long as we write down our words

They’ll define who we are and we’ll not die

© 2012 Michael Yost 05/12



Daddy’s Shoes

I fill these large shoes but stumble
Falling down hard I am humbled
All around jeering mumbles
Like it’s funny that I tumbled

Again my self talk is bad
I only want to be sad
Where’s your reason to be glad
Your goodness drives me mad

Walking the earth to be hurt
Wanting your ear not your skirt
Finally mocking overt
Calling me an introvert

Crying so long I started a tide
Then slipping on my backside
Rolling in poo again I cried
It’s got to be time for suicide

The shoes fall off climbing up
I slipped down holding on snug
Three more feet to crest the top
Almost there to take the flop

No Ideating, Just flipping the bird
How many listened to or heard
Close off your brain, open your heart
Hear their cries before they depart

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/23