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Mutual Contract

It is a matter of fact
We all have needs to attract
Now getting older we act
We strut for mutual contract

Now she forwards turgid fronts
Tight zippers bearing the brunt
Baring their prize for her hunt
She passed ignoring their stunt

© 1915 Michael Yost 04/24


Pheromonal Plight (Peac**t)

She’s coiled up real tightAlterEgoTrip Svenska
His embraces failed
Pheromonal plight

His tongue causes flight
That ship has to sail
She’s coiled up real tight

The call is forthright
In kind hear the hail
Pheromonal plight

Might does not make right
Fallen men impaled
She’s coiled up real tight

Brazen puffed up bright
Competition pale
Pheromonal plight

Covet same delights
Let us have an ale
She’s coiled up real tight
Pheromonal plight

© 2011 Michael Yost

In memory of Frankie Fuego