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Prick of Loneliness

The prick of loneliness in a crowded room
Waiting and pacing not leaving too soon
The patio offered cool air and a human’s touch
Soft hand curling up into mine exposing too much

Allowing her in to see my soft side
The dripping illusions of my own pride
Gripped with fear and silent expectations
My heart against the soul filled with contradictions

I look down and only see two jewels
Her eyes, dare I say it? Cool blue pools
Taking a knee and kissing her inner wrist
The wind subsides allowing in the mist

Dripping illusions now wrapped around my legs
Mist and patio drifts away and my heart begs
The prick of loneliness invading my schemes
Keeping my happiness in check through my dreams

© 2012 Michael Yost 07/14