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Blowing Away the Blues

The record plays when I’m alone
From a broken heart and home
Like Sisyphus rolling up the boulder
My duty rests on my shoulders

How can I go on without you
I only hope you hear it too
Can you hear it when you arrive
If you don’t how can I survive

The rain has come and washes my doubt
But the record still plays it out
Then she confesses she hears it too
We harmonized blowing away the blues

© 2016 Michael Yost 03/18

Two Hearts Too

I’ve danced this dance one thousand timesTwo Of Hearts

Ran rings around and thoroughly rhymed

Rock pushed up to top of the hill

Rolled back down now stopping still

Songs sung sweet to delight

Chortled back bitter spite

True words spoken

Two of hearts

Broke in


©2011 Michael Yost