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A Dream is a Dream is a Dream?

The anchor’s dragging from the wind blowing
Sails are stowed so the boat must be towing
Two anchors dropped bow into the waves
Dark clouds with sheets of rain counting graves

Pealing thunder brought Hope from the cabin
Snapping a switch Hope brought out the lightning
Purple, blue and white colors lit up the night
Asking Hope smiling if she had a kite

No but we must go see Davy Jones
The boat started to sink shivering bones
Hope sang a magic song I’d never heard
Capturing my heart and soul the words blurred

Jumping overboard and I started to swim
My confusion cleared up out of the dim
Out of my dream I wake up in the moat
The first one offering her hand was Hope

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/25

Waking Up Your Bride

Come on into your dream
I promise you won’t scream
The night is lonely
Come and be my only

I too want you always
I know your fantasies
The sheets are red satin
You open my passion

Come steal away my heart
Close your eyes come let’s start
Always keeping you satisfied
And waking up your bride

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/25

So You Had to Ask or

Skimming the water, how do we know
How deep or shallow the water is
Without running the risk of vulnerability
Or are we to know only when it’s his

Does Charon always charge for to and fro
If you had to assk for the answer it always burns
Are (S)elected memories of a rich man’s health
The only way to express funneling Wealth..

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/16

My Hiding Place

All I can give are these few words written here
Uncovering part of my life hoping to clear
Being left behind wrestling with my old fears
The same unspoken problems behind my tears

No molds or experience just an empty void
Tripping over my cold darkened thoughts yet a boy
Being held backward or worst yet pushed through destroyed
Reliving parts of my life no longer being toyed

The mirrored web cracked splintering some of my sins
While I tip toe on eggshells, needles and pins
Hoping today the rest of my life begins
Opening the locked doors that are held tight within

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/05

Best Read with New Meds

Lazy eye turns and I see double
Tired eyes close, the start of the trouble
Drifting away, sleep seals my work
Minutes later, a sudden jerk

Awake now and ready to start
Writing half lines within my heart
It’s a price I pay with new meds
Wonder if it’s worth, sleeping instead


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/15

Angels and Devils

The images painted before our eyes close
Angels and devils in dramatic pose
Fighting for our souls before we can sleep
Praying to God’s heaven for our soul to keep

© 2011 Michael Yost

Ewe’ll be Sorry

The chill pills will still your grilled soul

Calm your nerves and lets you sleep

While dreaming of green grassy knolls

You count the plump and grazing sheep


“Baaaaad boy!” they taunt and hinder you

“You took too many!” playing the dirge

“Soon your lips will turn a dark blue!”

“Ewe’ll be sorry you didn’t fight the urge!”

© 2011 Michael Yost


200 Foot Memes Square


Come in my living tomb
Old Navy senior sale
Ten by twenty foot room

My window, children bloom
Febreze soaks up the stale
Come in my living tomb

Next store old bride new groom
Hammering Trojan nails
Ten by twenty foot room

Memories, weeping womb
Dyson cleans up, prevails
Come in my living tomb

Expecting the word gloom
Westinghouse lamps unveil
Ten by twenty foot room

Sleeping soon, don’t exhume
Ambien does not fail
Come in my living tomb
Ten by twenty foot room

© 2011 Michael Yost

Cabrillo HS seen through the window

Where Glee does outside taping of shows.


Rhythm of the waves
Lured from the ocean today
Gently rock to sleep

©2010-2011 Michael Yost