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simple as it feels the words ring true
saying it over again love rules
spoken in the winds it travels far
up and past the heavens to the stars

wranglers on the ranch’s sky opens wide
clouds can’t hold it back on either side
the rain comes down to quite the roar
and the songs rise into the sky soar

in the clash the songs multiply
lighting up the gloomy skies
that’s the way we bring the smiles
and silencing the exiles

© 2013 Michael Yost 04/25

Peach Perfume

Pretty Woman


Walking by she smiles at me
Peach perfume flows in her wake
Right then I fell in love with her
And already felt heartache

She’s the boss’s pretty daughter
Me? Just his man and driver
She smiles at all opportunities
I feel like a ship wrecked survivor

My boss told me he was pleased in me
That I stood tall and never gave in
He wanted his daughter to understand
She couldn’t get everything on a whim

The big surprise he gave me that night
Involved my caring and heartache
He’d been watching me for several years
Wanting to call me son for his sake


© 2013 Michael Yost 03/27

When Shadows Disappear

How long do the shadows grow before they disappear?
When do the smiles fade when all hope is turned to fear?
Why does wonder finally start to seek its own level?
Where you look around before compromising with the devil?

Here’s the questions the barker promises, the mystic will answer.
Just a tenth of a dollar gets you in, plus you’ll see the dancers.
She looks at the lad gave back his day’s wage and hit him on the rear
Pushes him out the back was gone before his shadow disappeared

© 2012 Michael Yost 05/23