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The Wonder of Her Awe

I’ll never forget her presence it made me shiver;
Working the room she leads a trail of puppies
The wonder of her awe made her puppies whimper
It’s a gift watching her self confidence glow

I thought my life had been unfulfilled until now
It seems I’ll always be the tortured soul in the crowd
but I may find my solace and love from within her
And her image has burned into my eye’s retinas

She approaches me as I try to shrink away
Cornered she wonders aloud, “Why are you so shy?”
“Aren’t you satisfied with all your suitors”,I ask
The leashes dropped and the puppies scampered away

(c) 2013 Michael Yost 03/18

Escaping With The Wind

Nothing you utter will change my mind
Those words that you used left me maligned
You’ve taken my ability to love and trust
And turned my love into hate and disgust

Nothing you can do will repair my heart
Catching the whirlwind, my way to depart
I rise as the breeze began to lift
Into the elevating winds I drift

Nothing you see reflected in that mirror
Will give you solace; how can I make more clear?
You’ve hid behind masks to keep people at arms length
Drifting over your masks it showed me your only strength
© 2012 Michael Yost 07/12