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I Believe. 9/11 Memorial.



The I Am Blues (via A Writer’s Life)

This is a wonderful song.

Just a quick note. Some of you may remember a poem I wrote a few years ago called I Am. Apparently it's just been turned into a song. I didn't know anything about it and only recently stumbled across it via Google; I had licensed it under a creative commons licence and it looks like someone liked it enough to turn it into a kind of song/audio reading on ccMixter. It's actually two samples; an a cappella reading of the poem by Togora and then a re … Read More

via A Writer's Life

Rolling Remnants

Crust rolling up under her fingers

Remnants of last nights dried tears

The table was still set

And the guests had all left

Nothing stood up, but warm beers


Not minding to wait when it’s early

Hate minding to wait when it’s late

Crushed when both lasted forever

Two times for the same date


© 2011 Michael Yost