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Watering the Soul

My tears fill the hole that she left behind

I built it inside my soul, where she was enshrined

My chin sitting upon my chest feeling confined

Fog covers the dark street where I walk resigned


Mutual friends cross the street in advance

Passing with their loud whispers and piercing glance

Looking up from their footfalls and my trance

I wave with a smile under these circumstances


Twisting and turning trying to find the crack

When we talked, it became personal attacks

Things were put aside that used to be whacked

Watching two people turn each other’s heart black


Striping new wires to try and connect

Amperage too high, another reject

Nothing left to do with too much to expect

Boarding up the hole and my soul now introspect



© 2012 Michael Yost 08/30

Low in The Whole

You’re low in the whole with no way out
Your lungs and throat bleed with every shout
Fingernails scraping off strips of your soul
Never satisfying incubi with your whole soul

Tripping your way in with sins in your heart
Falling into your whole is where you start
Chains hold your spirit inches from the top
All you could do is pray that it would stop

This isn’t fatal but it is forever
Letting the Lord hold tight to your tether
The tether will let you go left or right
But you’re never out of Lord’s keen sight

Sliding deeper still into your soul’s whole
Grabbing the incubi’s bowl with the hole
Working hard to bring back happy smiles
No wait you are still in your dark denial

© 2014 Michael Yost 08/15

The Secret

What could I give that you haven’t had before
The secret I have that will help you restore
Your happiness that now lays on the cold floor
That can be lifted up high and fulfilled once more

It’s affection paid with my true love given
Healing your heartbreak and soul that was riven
Cast out memories one by one forgiven
And all his mandates once harshly driven

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/03

So You Had to Ask or

Skimming the water, how do we know
How deep or shallow the water is
Without running the risk of vulnerability
Or are we to know only when it’s his

Does Charon always charge for to and fro
If you had to assk for the answer it always burns
Are (S)elected memories of a rich man’s health
The only way to express funneling Wealth..

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/16

When the Bough Brakes

Come and sing me, my lullaby
That one that puts, me right to sleep
Come and cradle me, close to your heart
Keeping me warm, so my soul to keep

Come and coo, try and make me smile
My eyelids had, gotten heavy
Come and gently kiss both my cheeks
They did all they could to save me

© 2013 Michael Yost 04/30


Stress Head

Deadly stress pulls up ancient ache
Memories brought to forefront quakes
Time has gone by for my own sake
I pray to God my soul to wake

© 2011 Michael Yost

Duplicities Border

The castoff pools in the gutterLark in The Park
Beating rain rolls over his skin
Coughing, spewing with a sputter
Heavy lids hiding a soul dim

Evil wicked days his wish away
If the rain could wash his dark heart
His soul lines gutters this day
So that I might lark in the park

© 2011 Michael Yost


Saddlebag’s Lode

The road I ride hardens my soulSaddlebags
Lies from my lips sealed with a kiss
Her money missed the only toll

Blood in a puddle let the die roll
Crowd gathers in my dark abyss
The road I ride hardens my soul

Ante in chips it’s hit or hold
Twenty one wins losers walk pissed
Her money missed the only toll

Reading the tell know when to fold
Playing the odds losers dismissed
The road I ride hardens my soul

Whispers increase the crowd extols
Table empty nothing but bliss
Her money missed the only toll

Confidence reigns gold fills the hole
Saddlebag’s lode need no assist
The road I ride hardens my soul
Her money missed the only toll

©2011 Michael Yost


I Breathe To Be Free

I breathe to be free
Rid of me enticing too
The essence of you

Raising the bowl
Exposing my hole
Come fill my soul

Taking my spirit
To a place I can hear it
No more to fear it

©2010-2011 Michael Yost


Nothing for loving he’s all buried in
Nothing for innocence repenting his sin
Nothing for sharing in hands empty hold
Nothing for touching his soul has been sold

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost   booguloo@live.com