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Dancing Alone

Dancing alone in the shadow filled room
Lung’s air rushing out causing the vacuum
Hearing conversations pulled through her ears
Trying hard not to listen what was inferred

The room started spinning inhaling doesn’t come
Caught up in the moment pirouetting stung
People trying to help turning into banshees
She fell on the floor begging on her knees

Please don’t take my life it’s already short
I haven’t had a chance to find my passport
Hanging on to other’s false promises
Where I might have a chance to live painless

Bloody spit circling down as the drain’s screams
Nothing left to grab onto in this dream
The vacuum’s nightmare seems like it won’t stop
Then I wake with sugar free lollipops

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/30


The hunger is never sated
The longing never abated
The addiction to food is real
The only hope is to heal

Nothing fills the enormous void
Filling vacuums are never enjoyed
Some call it oral fixation
Whatever it’s called is crippling the nation

Obesity is now the PC for fat
Even for myself I’m done lapped
Calling to arms my stomach’s six pack
I just have to find it in front of my back


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/20

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Rough Draft

Rough Draft

Again another will walk away
Constructing a vacuum to avoid
On her own path towards a new day

Having fulfilled what she had to pay
Rendered unto Freud what will be Freud’s
Again another will walk away

Loves intention is felt today
Hapless tomorrow of feeling toyed
On her own path towards a new day

Gifts that were given you want to pay
Though enlightenment leaves you annoyed
Again another will walk away

The role you were cast you must obey
Otherwise countenance will be destroyed
On her own path towards a new day

The bubbles that surfaced had their play
An addition to arsenals deployed
Again another will walk away
On her own path towards a new day

© 2011 Michael Yost