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Dream Scheme

You invade my sleep and open my dreams
How many more times, before I should scream
You’re not aware of, what happens to me
You’re unconscious of or so it would seem

I pass by you and do I hear a smirk?
I can’t escape it, you shop where I work
Keeping my head up, I help if I’m asked
Nothing you can say can get me unmasked

How I run my life, shouldn’t include my dreams
It seems unfair and outside of life’s schemes
However I see it, doesn’t matter at all
Within my dreams, I’m up against the wall


© 2012 Michael Yost 2/21

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Willed Walls

The wall will not yieldHeart Wall

Willed wall brick and mortar shield

Covering ordeals

Time and wind may come to peel

To find this heart of mine healed

©2011 Michael Yost