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My Reality

When I start I have no idea why
Words sputter in and out multiply
Now and again they pop out freely
No rhyme or reason or boundaries

Are you sensing my reality now
I have a strong commitment to vows
The promises that I keep aloud
Are the ones my conscience allows

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/26

A Dream is a Dream is a Dream?

The anchor’s dragging from the wind blowing
Sails are stowed so the boat must be towing
Two anchors dropped bow into the waves
Dark clouds with sheets of rain counting graves

Pealing thunder brought Hope from the cabin
Snapping a switch Hope brought out the lightning
Purple, blue and white colors lit up the night
Asking Hope smiling if she had a kite

No but we must go see Davy Jones
The boat started to sink shivering bones
Hope sang a magic song I’d never heard
Capturing my heart and soul the words blurred

Jumping overboard and I started to swim
My confusion cleared up out of the dim
Out of my dream I wake up in the moat
The first one offering her hand was Hope

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/25

So You Had to Ask or

Skimming the water, how do we know
How deep or shallow the water is
Without running the risk of vulnerability
Or are we to know only when it’s his

Does Charon always charge for to and fro
If you had to assk for the answer it always burns
Are (S)elected memories of a rich man’s health
The only way to express funneling Wealth..

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/16

Her Wake

Letting go of her now
With the wind in my face
Off my stretched fingertips
Slipped from her last embrace

Her hair’s flowing fresh scent
Persisting in the winds wake
Heels hammering regret
Finding her intentions were fake

Written in three short verses
How ambivalence can wrong
Emptying my heart’s desire
In presenting this song


© 2012 Michael Yost 3/17


Mushroom Moment

A double sensation of overwhelming calm
ESP kicks in and my senses explode
All my sensory inputs overflowed
Waves of relaxation, the warmth of a balm

The voices of elders singing a psalm
Relaxation brings a mindfulness grand
Allowing counting the grains of the sand
That’s cooling my feet from the warmth of the sun

Bolting ecstasy, I get up and I run
Electricity rolls off me in the wind
Someone gives me spun sugar and grins
Reminds me of insulation and that’s no fun

I throw it in the air because I’m done
Moving to the cabin that’s cool and dark
Spiritual sensation, an inner spark
One in the spirit I can’t possibly outrun

A connection with God that’s nothing to shun


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/26

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open! – # 85

The Wind Blows for Thee

Scattering feelings in the wind of change
Wishing for the best to be rearranged
Hoping for a tempest in a teapot
Some fantasies churn out a bigger plot

Undercurrent cuts you off your firm feet
Like pulling a rug you fall on your seat
You grab for your nest just out of your range
Cutting through cobwebs in the wind of change

© 2011 Michael Yost



Emptiness Prevails

Unfurling my sailsUnfurling The Sails
Winds to calm my heart
Emptiness prevails

My wet brow is pale
Not good for a start
Unfurling my sails

Wanting for an ale
Look upon my chart
Emptiness prevails

Why the wind curtails
Keeping us apart
Unfurling my sails

Praying for strong gales
For love I must part
Emptiness prevails

I just can not fail
The tears start to smart
Unfurling my sails
Emptiness prevails

© 2011 Michael Yost
First Villanelle

One Stop Poetry Form Villanelle


Willed Walls

The wall will not yieldHeart Wall

Willed wall brick and mortar shield

Covering ordeals

Time and wind may come to peel

To find this heart of mine healed

©2011 Michael Yost



Soothing winds creating the dins
That flow through the poplar leaves

Soaking up sun and having fun
With the worshiping by the trees

You hear the sigh up in the sky
As the wind goes everywhere

Stir the branches all big and small
With a whisper of clean fresh air

They bend and sway and seem to say
Glory to the one up above

Perched from flight and out of clear sight
Are the homes to the loving doves

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost