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The Need to Heed

Wind mills and a rainbow on the hills that I stroll
Ahead on the path I see a little troll
When I finally reach him he reads from a scroll
The King said it’s his right to demand a large toll

The scroll says the King owes him for some magical spell
And had him released him from the dungeon’s cell
You see my magic is strong so heed mademoiselle
Or I’ll put you in a deep hole and you’ll think it is hell

I pulled out my wand and did to what he threatened
The troll looked up and appeared to be frightened
As he stood there the hole had just deepened
Maybe you should have asked with whom that you bargained

© 2011 Michael Yost

Hurl the Apples

What is it that tears at my soul?

It’s not a pebble in my shoe or a thorn that retches my guts.

Bringing bile to the back of my throat only to recede and hide in the depths of my misery;

Waiting for its chance to explode and release itself!

Let it come to my relief please.

I would not wish this on my most hated enemy;

Although right now, he is miniscule compared to this pain.

It must be poison from that enchantress’s bowl of fruit!

How clever she was to tell me not to eat those apples just yet.

She knows what my favorite fruit is!

Of course she placed poison in those little green apples.

I will have her burned at the stake this witch;

But first hurl the apples at her; oh the pain.

© 2011 Michael Yost