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*”If you wanna find
Out what’s behind these cold eyes
You’ll just have to claw
Your way through this

Working the floor smiling hiding tears
People behind pushing trying to steer
Her young death hard keeping up the facade
Sadness now wanting madness’s rod

No more penance and self flagellation
Opening these gate’s reputation
Run away or you’ll make your own wreath
Looking up you’ll see you’re underneath

© 03/10 Michael Yost 2016

*In The Flesh
Roger Waters
Pink Floyd
The Wall

Happy Holidaze

The evening cold and snow had already taken over the feelings in his hands and feet.  Adjusting the packages to see his watch; the twenty minutes seemed more like an hour.  When he first arrived, only briefly facing the brisk wind to survey the big white house, he had seen living room bay window still lit and the electric candles in every window.  Behind each candle was a sparkling red wreath reflecting the alternating filament bulb creating a beautiful haloed effect behind the frosted window panes.  The children’s lights have been off for a few minutes, but she was adamant about not seeing them tonight.  I had them for Thanksgiving

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost  booguloo@live.com