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Comfort and Peace

Listen to the wind, and the Jay mocking
This is our time now, hands locked and rocking
The lightening bugs, add stars to the sky
Moths crackle bright blue, into the yellow light

Anticipating the everlasting time for keeps
Silence between us, shows our comfort and peace
Cool night breeze brings us closer together
One of the times, we enjoyed this weather

The time that we shared has all but gone
Sunrise surprising, with the early dawn
The jay mocking should have been our cue
So should been the sky’s red, orange and blue

(c) 2013 Michael Yost 03/21

There Will Come a Time


Wished away the reality of my life
Torn asunder with banality’s strife
Babies, bosses and most always the wife
My cup runneth over bubbling with rife

I point my own finger at me, my mind
Putting pen to paper I did consign
In fact if it wasn’t for me, my con line
Who at twenty doesn’t think it will be fine

I fell to bottom of a deep deep mine

Said what I had to and it’s time to choose
The next rhyming word, please choose not to lose

© 2011 Michael Yost