"Men" Oh Paused?

The mist rolls in over my eyes
Short deep breathes, I seize up and cry
Some digital dream, just did this to me
The lovers just kissed and left by the sea

I’ve had this soft spot waiting to break free
But I’ve always stood like the mighty oak tree
Even the slightest wind has an effect on me
Now I’m a willow bending at the weak knee

© 2011 Michael Yost

19 responses to “"Men" Oh Paused?

  1. Like this one. Loved the willow refering to a man. Very good


  2. awww we have to bend with the wind, there lays our strength 🙂
    It is nice witnessing lovers embracing, and by the sea, aww how romantic!!! You are a romantic boo :p
    Thanks for the visit1 xoxoxo


  3. i really like this one Michael..


  4. I like the rhyme, very smooth.
    It’s good to know that your are strong and resilient (as the tall tree) but still susceptible to events.


  5. “Now I’m a willow bending at the weak knee”
    good one…


  6. Yes, the willow is usually thought of as a woman. It takes a strong, centered man to embrace this concept. BRAVO! Amy


  7. The metamorphosis of the rugged and stubborn into less of an unmovable object. Change is good. Lovely idea.


  8. This is so very winsome, Michael, and you are a hard-core romantic. It’s nice that you are still so …


  9. only strong people can be weak… i really love this!


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