Telling of love, with words that are unique;
Often afraid of the other’s critique.
This sometimes makes it, difficult to speak.
To give and to gain love, that you spoke of and seek.

© 2011 Michael Yost

12 responses to “Quandary

  1. You’re right–it is a quandary. It seems that there is a lot of fear involved when dealing with those we love. We don’t often feel secure do we?


  2. Tis a difficult situation indeed. Amazing how life works sometimes…


  3. Love involves emotions but how it is managed involved security. Sometimes these two don’t jive. That is how the problem starts! It is a quandary!



  4. Isn’t this true. Nicely poemed as well …


  5. let’s not listen to them and speak, enjoy, live, love 🙂


  6. nice one Michael,, so true. j


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