Bad Vibrations

The house has gotten bigger since you left
The one thing you couldn’t get was my echo
You took everything else through theft
Taking my heart and leaving my chest hollow

The love poems we read say we have to pay
Or have the universe unbalanced
How can something made from earth and clay
Cause universal turmoil and violence

It’s only love and that is all it takes
It’s a force that binds us all together
When one web is broken it vibrates
The vibration lasts forever

© 2013 Michael Yost 07/22

8 responses to “Bad Vibrations

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Lane

    Saw you on a friend’s page and took a look at your site. I absolutely loved this. It flows so naturally, and I love the use of your rhyme, especially the slant rhyme you snuck in there. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I’ll get over to see your work. Sometimes I write my way into the slant (never knew it had a name) because it justs works better that way.


  2. So true – it’s all connected. Funny how we often times don’t see those connections until it’s already passed. Hindsight and all that. Good write!


  3. Thanks for the ‘likes’ on my site. Curiosity and your screen name pulled me here (when I was young, I was called Bobalou. Really like the flow of this poem and the web that connects all things together. We seriously need to consider that much more deeply and more often before we act. Thanks for visiting,



    • I’m enjoying your work as well. I’m happy you took a chance to come and see my work, otherwise I may have never seen your work. We seem to be in the same age group as our nicknames portray so I hope we can enjoy one another’s work in the future.



  4. Oh this sears in its anguish, its anger.


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