Your Pillow

Come lay with me, my chest has always been your pillow
With crisp new winds under our sheets we watch them billow
The moon again overshadows the sun eclipsing
Falling open over the moons glow and darkening

Poetically my four walls build up and around me
Leaving little time for you to feel my trust and foresee
What the world has for us coming together as one
Under the eclipsing and the blinding under sun

Without saying the stars have no right to bind us as one
No matter what hold they have they have no where to run
The rain came to us to wash away the rust and dust
We still have each other with our open heart trust

© 2014 Michael Yost 06/03

2 responses to “Your Pillow

  1. Remember there’s always a pillow Raivenne.. that just listens while you solve what ails!!


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