Pound on my Keys

Take another short nap?  That’s three today.
Look at the time; six, three long hours away.
Nothing left to do; I’ll pound on my keys.
I’ve three hours to kill before I sleep.

Depression is just a state of my mind;
Just thinking things over, an axe to grind.
Who am I hurting, who really cares?
I’ll pound on my keys of my soul’s despair.

© 2011 Michael Yost

19 responses to “Pound on my Keys

  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to this, Michael. It’s brave of you to bare your soul. I even thought seriously of taking a nap today but had slept so late already today…

    Yeah, that public image is sure a part of who I am–on some days. But I can almost always face my computer if no one else.

    And I do care too, Michael. xoxo


  2. good that you write your way through the uncomfortable.
    It’s so good for the soul.
    write on Michael… You are cared for.


  3. Interesting metaphor “Pound on my keys” The longest journey is the one we take inward. still the poet asks the question — Will I ever get there? there where life resounds with that one clear pure note…



  4. I have pounded on my keys through many difficult times. Writing is good therapy, I think, and one has something to show for those difficult times when they are over. I have never regretted pounding on the keys. And this IS a good poem, Michael!


  5. It’s good to pound the darkness out & create at the same time. Good work.


  6. I hope with writing the emotions away it felt better …


  7. soul’s despair,

    you will see joyful sun in no time.
    bless you.


  8. Brilliant. boredom can be a cause of depression because we become over analytical of everything in them moments. You have a beautiful way with words.


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