Sot Trot

I rise up the flagpole pulling myself as I go
I get to the top and tying off with a knot so
Swaying in the breeze I notice how small people are
No matter whom they are, just a person or a star

The longer I stay the rope stretches the knot
And the bladder bulges as it does with a sot
I guess if there’s a moral that it’s just this
Before going up a flagpole you had better take a piss

© 2011 Michael Yost


16 responses to “Sot Trot

  1. Thanks for the welcomed Laugh! You are so clever!


  2. Lol – you know, I never would’ve thought about this but it’s true!


  3. Too funny! You caught me completely off guard, and that’s not easy to do! This definitely qualifies as sorrow. Up a flagpole and nowhere to go!


  4. Yes a good laugh…and I like to climb trees or hike in the canyons but never been up a flag pole. sweet.


  5. very sense making,
    lovely delivery.

    Happy Father’s Day.
    your poetry rocks.


  6. Well I’ll be sure and keep that in mind if the opportunity should ever present itself!
    Ha! 🙂


  7. Oh my lol I hope not to have such an opportunity I am scared of heights 😛


    • I am too. I currently live on the 4th floor of an apt building and the railing between me and the ground seems to be getting shorter when ever I get too close.


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