Were There a Doubt

There’s no other reason, but because
The tale was told, none expected applause
You’ve breached the dam, the stories out
You shouldn’t have said were there a doubt

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
You’re absolutely sure, what you say is the truth?
A man’s life hangs by some twisted threads
At the end of a rope he’ll surely swing dead

Bowing his head down, left with no hope
I heard the dirge wail after the creaking rope
Tears run rampant after the trap door falls
How does it feel hanging, on what you recall?

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Poetry Pantry

14 responses to “Were There a Doubt

  1. An important point you make in this, Michael. I fear claims of absolute truth. They exclude so many other “absolute truths.” From my point of view, I like to look for the truth in everyone.


  2. This raises serous issues of culpability, reminding that few things in life are ever cut and dry.


  3. Your last line is amazing…I like this write. I feel we should be careful with our spoken words as truth is relative.

    Happy day ~


  4. reminded me of dead man walking.crime and punishment have always been thorny issues and there are very few absolute truths.the task of judgment is always difficult and you’ve movingly explored an aspect of the difficulty.


  5. Powerful. This alludes to some of the reasons I cannot abide the death penalty. I admit, I am a Pollyanna. I look for the good. Some call me naive. I am not. I just choose the light, because it is almost always there.


  6. Michael, that last stanza was gut wrenching. How very “in your face” you state this so well. You are such a talent, Michael. Extraordinary work! Bravo!



  7. Michael,
    The living dead is always there. It is how they relate to others that makes them alive. You did it in a way that make them an ideal person to be helped!

    P/S Thanks for your recent visit to my Rainbow


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