In the Glass I See

There in the glass I see a sixteen year old boy with an old man’s mask on.  I begin to notice the dark circles under the green eyes that sparkle; nothing dull yet; but his glasses do need cleaning.  I see white stubble and mustache with a two inch long goatee on his saddening face; like he’s had no reason to shave in the past few days.   Looking closer I see the goatee covers a weak double chin with a single wrinkle that goes down the length of his neck.  The same white stubble covers his shaved head to cover the thinning bald spot in the back and what’s left of his front hairline.
His round upturned nose reminds me of a Santa’s nose, but there’s a thin scar going diagonal from the left nostril to the top that makes his nose tilt to the right side of his face.  His cheekbones are set high, but it seems to highlight the dark circles more.  The ears are long and close to the head.
Wait a minute… he’s starting to smile with a broad grin and his eyes are lighting up and sparkling even more.  His whole face transforms and laughs a little with a tear rolling down his cheek and then is when I happily succumb to my fate realizing the old man is me and that my wrinkles are really my laugh lines.  My green eyes are still that of the sixteen year old from so many years ago… but they’re still with me today.

© 2011 Michael Yost

For FWF and Kellie Elmore, A self portrait

12 responses to “In the Glass I See

  1. Yep! Different face, but I know exactly what you’re seeing, Boog!
    Nice write, my man! (You reckon guys like me and you are where they come up with the phrase “old boy”?)


  2. Michael, I adore this. I am just so happy that you decided, although reluctantly, to participate in this one. Your first line about seeing a 16 year old boy, reminded me much of myself as I in no way feel my age but yet the reflection says otherwise. It’s sad 😦 …and when you spoke of the smile that came, I smiled along with you. I loved reading this! Thank you.
    Big Hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    • I choose 16, because I think I reached my emotional peak at that age. Looking at myself through dirty glasses, the imperfections stand out as well as my insecurities. Now I have to rely on continuing to grow and except what I can’t change. I am still smiling!!


  3. I love this…my mirror too shows me an old face, but then my young heart kicks in and I don’t feel so bad…btw you had me smiling with you 🙂


  4. awwww! that is a sweet piece! 🙂 the laughter is worth it all! xxxxxxx


  5. I envy you still having a front hairline, Michael. Mine is somewhere on the back of my neck now. LOL

    Nice writing, my friend. Reflective and non-judgmental. Just like the man in your mirror.

    “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” ~Mark Twain,




  6. i don’t like how old i look 😦 i like being cute


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