Escaping unraveled, breaking through the door
Squeezed and teased too long, can’t take no more
Coping, soaking and smoking, being your ignant whore
Loose off the end of the chain, starting war

Your end of day’s blaze
Going up in a haze blaze
Your end of day’s blaze
Hear all that I say blaze

There’s no turning back, clean and free from you
But images painted, are all black and blue
All the damage are done, glue fixin won’t due
Loose off the end of the war, you’d better run too

© 2012 Michael Yost 1/14


8 responses to “Unraveled

  1. It creates great imagery and I could feel the reprieve much needed as things seems to be heading downhill. What’s the inspiration behind Unraveled?


  2. abusive relationship… hm, interesting. When I reread it, its perfectly clear. I personally was getting a feel of a drug addiction… which is extremely similar to an abusive relationship


  3. I remember writing about black and blue..so your images are familiar to me. I always feel bad reading about this subject, but its a reality ~


  4. powerful imagery – made even more so by the commentary that follows the verse. not that it can`t stand on it`s own, but the context helps to really bring the power out of that last line.


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