Leads to your door

Are we truly given choices to pick?
Or are they different paths by themselves?
Oblivious to our wants, needs, and concerns
I think the latter, but blame them anyway

We only hear tales of what the paths bring
There is only so far we can see or imagine
What lays around the first bend in the path
One looks dark and dreary, the other white and bright

We agree the coin holds the answer and flip it
The coin choose the bright and white path to go
But I felt it was wrong and over ruled it
The dark and dreary I felt the worse was here

Knowing we could withstand it now up front
How much worse could it get down the path
We packed up and started to go forward
With one foot in front of the other we nervously laughed

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/1


18 responses to “Leads to your door

  1. Human. Honest. Well done.


  2. very true. delusions and dilemmas we all face…nicely expressed.


  3. Excellent piece. Indecision and second-guessing strikes us all at one point.


  4. I like to believe the choice is always ours to take or walk away ~

    Very meaningful share ~


  5. I like to believe I have a choice, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Great write. 🙂


  6. What looks easy actually curtails our growth. I’m glad that you showed us how superficial the easy path is.


  7. Janaki Nagaraj

    Take the path that is less traveled…


  8. Although I do believe in the helping hand that guides us, I also believe that the choice is ultimately ours; I think deep inside we do know which path is right for us, and more often than not the right path is not the white and bright one. One foot in front of the other…


  9. “Knowing we could withstand it now up front
    How much worse could it get down the path”

    Exactly booguloo! With calculated risks we could ensure better chance of success but we still got to take the risk first. Great verse!



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