Caught In the Turnstile Door

Whether awake or asleep I must dream
It has to be clear or hear death’s inward screams
The caption on my mirrors show’s through the dream
Counting down seconds for my new songs for dawn
It’s all in the cards, death by anxiety or death by a prawn

Closer to your end everyday and speeds
Relishing and embellishing your deeds
Conflicts circle the drain on my knees
So much for sleeping I look to cede

Awake or walking with confidence shown
Then tripped up by my shoe laces blown
Is it possible that my audience has already booked
Turn down the house lights there’s magic afoot
While dragging you outside with the actors hook 

Don’t let this turnstile grab me away from your hook
Somebody thought in the gathering I paid enough
The flames gaining strength curled out the open windows
Out the main door a crack house whores doing John Doe
Then ran making new appointments for score’s and more

Lieutenant Dan read my work saying I had my no leg to stand
I just had to help him get through the turnstile door
When a single prawn came crawling out of his pant leg


© 2013 Michael Yost 06/11

4 responses to “Caught In the Turnstile Door

  1. Michael, I enjoyed your site. We seem to have similar opinions and thoughts. Take Care. hope you visit me as well.


  2. Very interesting use of the Forrest Gump elements. …death by anxiety or prawn…? Love it.

    Flash 55 – The Accidental Gardener


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