Being held captive and isolated
The world makes you feel frustrated
Even admitting on paper is enclosing
It’s the hesitation and too much exposing


“Just a minute.”

It comes on you as if you’re drowning
Or on a high cliff suddenly falling
Your mind grasps at anything within its reach
Now your heart feels like it’s about to breach

Filling a large balloon slowly through your nose
Emptying through your mouth very slow
But your lungs feels like you need a whole lot more
Finally you get up, answer and maybe unlock the door

© 2011 Michael Yost

* Anthropophobia

9 responses to “Knock-Knock-Knock*

  1. well, someone wants to hide but life is intruding…life sure can be unwelcome but what is the alternative? 😦
    xxxxx miss you boo 🙂


    • Hey, I’d unlock the door for you anytime! In response to your question, smarter people than myself have so many different opinions on mental health care I wouldn’t begin to know. I don know… have more people knock! smile…


    • I’ve been around. Haven’t made too many comments lately. Reading others that got there a head of me pretty much covers what I wanted to say. The ex is getting remarried next month on the 6th.. I’m thinking that’s the end of any reconciliation huh? We can all be a little selfish in “our” feelings about other people. I am happy for her though. It’s all good.. just another milestone… smile


  2. I had to look up what anthropophobia means. I think I may have had a mild case of this at times–strangers especially when I was younger. I was so shy around people for a very long time. But maybe that’s not the same thing… Look at me–I’m trying to self-diagnose myself…

    There’s no law that says you have to answer your door anyway!


    • I think we all try and self-diagnose at times. smiles.. and you are right…sometimes just let them knock away. I had to look it up to describe the feelings as well; I can’t imagine having these feelings all the time.


  3. Brilliantly write, Michael…yes it does feel like that sometimes. Gosh you write a lot! I’ve a lot to catch up on!


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