Time Better Spent

Why did you come back today
Hoping to find another way
But I have no answers for you
For finding your own doorway through

Stopping now you start to sink
You’ve seen enough of me think
Keep going and don’t look back
Failures always find your lacks

Future fables will destroy dreams
Nothing ahead is what it seems
Calling my name out in the crowds
Hoping to get above the clouds

Comfort you used to rely on
With crusted snot on was a con
The one piece Teddy she wears now
Gives more comfort if allowed

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/04


Prompt 6

8 responses to “Time Better Spent

  1. Teddy vs Teddy haha I read this poem twice so far, I love the flow and rhyme its so seamless and gorgeous. The ending is fantastic, I admit to having my head in the clouds much too much


  2. I love “Teddy vs Teddy” although seeing myself in a teddy might just send me running for my teddy to cry on!


  3. what kind thoughts here, sweet dreams, keep hoping is a way to continue our life despite sadness.



  4. The ending was a nice surprise.


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