Alien Reconstruction

Welcome everybody to the introduction

Hopefully I’ll explain it all through my induction

Building a new existence through self seduction

There’s no time now for self destruction

Compiling the knowledge for instruction

Eliminating the extra work through deduction

Now it’s time to begin the inner construction

First finding all the hindering walls by deduction

Then knocking down all those obstructions

And leveling off all the reductions

Finishing my new existence by conduction

Forgetting the time of the alien abduction

© 2011 Michael Yost

2 responses to “Alien Reconstruction

  1. Building a new existence…now that could take some doing. And then would we be alien to our old selves…could be. Made me think…


  2. Just pencil in all the different traits you’d want…good old post a notes on your makeup mirror and you’re just a trait away


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