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The Fish WRapper

Terry looked down at his bloody knuckles, “Dammed red heads, who knew that peckerwood was going to hit his head on the cement stairs?”  “Well help me put him in the boat and let’s grab some of those cinder blocks.”

Pulling up at 2:30am the brothers parked by the boat ramp.  The steam was trailing off the thermos cup until you blew on it and then it fogged up the windows.  Joe finally broke the silence, “You didn’t have to kill that kid.”   “Joe, that wasn’t a kid or a sixteen year old ass, he was a adult trying to rip us off, and hell I only hit him once.”

Look at that, someone has already put their Bassmaster in the water and its only 3am.  The State Game and Fishing Officer pulled in, parked and then walked over to talk to the two fellas.  “You fellas look new to the area.  How are you this morning?”

“Stay calm Terry, Joe whispered.”   “Morning Officer, we’re doing OK.  We used to come here as kids and it’s our first time back.  We sure are looking forward to getting some bass today.”

“Well before you go out let me update you about our little place here.  My son runs the bait shop and prints the local rag, “The Fish WRapper”.  We’re still a small fishing community here at Liar’s Cove you have to be off the lake at 4pm.  We’re just big enough to support a State Game and Fishing Officer, but small enough that I have to share an office with my big mouth son Peter, but he prefers to be called Junior.”

“Well this is Terry and I’m Joe.  If you don’t mind we’re going to get out on the lake.  We’ll catch up some more later this afternoon.”

“That sounds good boys; my name is Officer Michael P Pecker, senior.  Oh and junior’s a little sensitive about his red hair and only his friends can call him Peckerwood. ”

“Now where is that boy?”

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/13

Holiday Weekend

The morning’s dew hung heavy at the river edge

The sun at least an hour away from rising to warm the bones

Coleman’s mantle lit the bank and warmed the hands

Dressed in layers we were able to warm ourselves while setting up camp

We brought kindling and the first small logs to ready the fire

While I walked along the bank collecting more for the fire

Being thirteen I was an old hand at getting ready

To put the first worm baited pole in the water

© 2011 Michael Yost

Good times on the Holiday weekends like the 4th of July are

Some of my fondest memories of summer.