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Mushroom Moment

A double sensation of overwhelming calm
ESP kicks in and my senses explode
All my sensory inputs overflowed
Waves of relaxation, the warmth of a balm

The voices of elders singing a psalm
Relaxation brings a mindfulness grand
Allowing counting the grains of the sand
That’s cooling my feet from the warmth of the sun

Bolting ecstasy, I get up and I run
Electricity rolls off me in the wind
Someone gives me spun sugar and grins
Reminds me of insulation and that’s no fun

I throw it in the air because I’m done
Moving to the cabin that’s cool and dark
Spiritual sensation, an inner spark
One in the spirit I can’t possibly outrun

A connection with God that’s nothing to shun


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/26

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