Mushroom Moment

A double sensation of overwhelming calm
ESP kicks in and my senses explode
All my sensory inputs overflowed
Waves of relaxation, the warmth of a balm

The voices of elders singing a psalm
Relaxation brings a mindfulness grand
Allowing counting the grains of the sand
That’s cooling my feet from the warmth of the sun

Bolting ecstasy, I get up and I run
Electricity rolls off me in the wind
Someone gives me spun sugar and grins
Reminds me of insulation and that’s no fun

I throw it in the air because I’m done
Moving to the cabin that’s cool and dark
Spiritual sensation, an inner spark
One in the spirit I can’t possibly outrun

A connection with God that’s nothing to shun


© 2012 Michael Yost 1/26
The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open! – # 85

18 responses to “Mushroom Moment

  1. I thought you might speak of the mighty morel mushroom! But this was nice, too!


  2. love this one boogey its one of your best reminds me of peace and contentment hope your well ive been poorly but getting better now xjen


  3. Waves of relaxation…the spirit calms that it might commune with God… a beautiufl piece


  4. elders speak so much through us if only we can listen 🙂 I liked that line a lot, thanks! 🙂


  5. What a wonderful experience shared here in your poem! I will try to listen harder for the wisdom of the elders who have gone before…


  6. “double sensation” for some reason I really like that!


  7. Beautifully written! I read an article this week that spoke of a study that proved that Acid really does open your mind.

    My Poetry Pantry Poems: Color Me Nutritious and Norwegian Moo Gold


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. Psilocybin is the mushroom in this poem and they have found that in the treatment of some mental illnesses that it gives the users a sense of well being for several weeks after ingesting the mushroom. This was just released in the past few days but I was unable to find the release online. So I have included how Psilocybin is being experimentally used to treat several mental illnesses. I haven’t read the article you referenced on Acid but it wouldn’t surprise me. There’s going to be changes in how these “recreational” drugs are going to be used medically in the near future.


  8. Mmmm…the words tell the story…it is a tricky thing to write about unless you’ve lived it. The few times I experienced something like this, it was as if the cobwebs had been blown out of my head/brain and every atom of everything was full of color and life. You portrayed it very well in this. Nicely penned!


    • Yes I did use several decades ago. I hated strychnine, a chemical sometimes added to LSD and it’s side effects. One of which was a metal taste in your mouth like you’re chewing aluminum foil. So Psilocybin was the best alternative.


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