It’s On Tonight


Word whispered out, “It’s on tonight.”The War Machine

Warriors rounded into one

Lightest armor and weapons chose

Into evening we would run

King and men flanked ridges around

Insuring foe’s defeat

Queen and court made ready for fight

Stockpiling bastions for retreat

Advancing slow on sleeping foes

Ice water soon to break

Projectiles at the ready

Balloons will abruptly awake

Β© 2011 Michael Yost

One Stop Poetry Forms – Ballads  01/31/2011

Gooseberry Garden

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25 responses to “It’s On Tonight

  1. Bring it on. Let’s go. Good story lines.


  2. Loved the story


  3. Love how were all learning with this Monday feature! Loved your call to arms Michael! Hell ya!


  4. Good one – excellent twist ending.


  5. Well done with the ballad form! All hail booguloo πŸ™‚ Enjoyed it much…one of my favorite forms πŸ™‚


  6. Clever story. Good one! Gay @beachanny


  7. Thank you for visiting my site! I left a note there for you, and an apology for your tear~ πŸ˜€ I am really enjoying your poetry, and I will be back for more! We have similar styles in some ways. . .


  8. A good old/new fashioned canzone. Well done.


  9. lol great job with both form and storyline. what I loved was the childhood memories you invoke. how serious we took these battles lol


  10. love the powerful illustration of your image,
    extraordinary entry.



  11. very inviting write on this one.

    keep it up.


  12. great stuff! loved the twist at the end. πŸ™‚
    for some, those water balloons may become grenades later in life.


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