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A Slower Path

What we’ve taken on heavies our load
Done with such confidence that we seemed bold
Truth be known we’ve slipped up before now
Dreams had to be left behind disavowed

Not being forgot, a slower path we’ll take
Our reputation being built on what we make
Not like Sisyphus we’ll roll over the peak
Finding smaller hills from others who speak

© 2016 Michael Yost 5/23

It Caresses The Tip









Rushes in on a musky sweet wave
Almost like flash flooding creates and behaves
The cool sensuous flesh soon fills the void
Shooting cold chills through her opening Freud
Pushing forward and up clamping shut
Just in time
Only to lose a couple drops of the sublime
Melon for you
Melon for me
Such aware company
© 2010 Michael Yost 11/24



Alien Reconstruction

Passing Gas








Welcome everybody to the introduction
Hopefully I’ll explain it all through my induction
Building a new existence through self seduction
There’s no time now for self destruction

Compiling the knowledge for instruction
Eliminating the extra work through deduction
Now it’s time to begin the inner construction
First finding all the hindering walls by deduction

Then knocking down all those obstructions
And leveling off all the reductions
Finishing my new existence by conduction
Forgetting the time of the alien abduction

© 2011 Michael Yost 12/03

Our Glass of Sand

Katherine Forbes Photography






Pushing on past time and space
Touched by fire with her radiant embrace
Chest to breast, hearts synced in a race
Never ever wanting, to leave this place

Scent of her hair ear, lobe cool to the touch
Loins rushing red, our lips about to brush
Breathe quickened now, soon to combust
These feelings must not only, be given to lust

Fingers running down, her arms to her hands
Our eyes locked in smile, lingering in stand
We were almost part of something banned
As time stood still for a moment, in our glass of sand
©2011 Michael Yost

An Understanding

Inhaling yesterday’s memory.
Her scent’s lingering long.
Sprawled naked on her silken robe
She rose early and now she’s gone

The nightstand held a note for me
I smiled as I read
The evening was nice, please feed the cat
Don’t forget to make the bed.
© 2011 Michael Yost 08/01

Dissolving Fears

Being alone is, one of my greatest fears.
Not having a sweet lady, very near.
Someone to talk, to let words fill the air.
Instead of writing, about this despair.

Alone again in, a cheerful crowded room.
Wandering around, seems to be my doom.
A single light glows, as I scan for a date.
Could this be the one, as it’s getting late?

Mutual eyes meeting, the room getting bright.
Approaching slowly, as to not give fright.
Talking to her true, she made it quite clear.
This may be the one, dissolving the fears.

© 2011 Michael Yost 06/09

Intoxicating Scent

Under my fingertips your lips were moist.
I was certain I heard your pleasure voiced
Those goose bumps were real, I felt at your door.
That brief stolen kiss whispering one more

My feet in the door, one more kiss to gain
Hands slid down your frame I knew you’d abstain
Intoxicating scent left on my hands
I left rather quickly fearing quicksand

©2011 Michael Yost 04/28

Evening Shore

As I started towards the evening shore
It revealed foot prints that began at our door
Knowing they were yours going to the sea
I matched your strong gait feeling anxiety

There sitting alone at the water’s edge
The sand around you formed a wedge
High tide came and left a little moat
Left you sitting higher appearing to float

I called out your name now running towards you
Found you cross legged, hands in your lap blue
Eyes closed with a smile etched on your calm face
Suddenly left us laughing with your cool embrace

2011 Michael Yost

The River Bends

Using two rafts we went round the bend
Straightening out how river’s depth sends
Deeper now straightens the resistance
Going faster shortening the distance

Rocks cause the rapids to sing endowed
Spraying and raining harmony aloud
We roll under the darkening skies
Lightening the sky with thunder’s reply

Coming up ahead the river splits
One side the river is wide and fit
The other meets rapids stronger yet
Now we know he should have not bet

© 2015 Michael Yost 07/04

Given These Tears Today

Given these crocodile tears today
Forgive me exposing my broken heart
And me as my heaving body sways
To our old song now broken apart

Only she can kiss away my tears
She’s walking down to the river’s bank
Going to skip flat rocks we did for years
We were both happier with many thanks

Following her to the river’s edge
Picked up a rock and skipped it down stream
Quietly bringing up our life long pledge
And when we put together our dream

If your intentions are to leave pure
I will walk away with no more words
Nothing but sobs without any cure
Tears came as I turned away eyes blurred

It’s time for a session with the truth
You walked in this morning your head down
We have invested our time since our youth
We locked our eyes and you skipped your crown

© 2015 Michael Yost 07/01

Forever When I Awake

Forever continues when I awake
On my first cup of coffee and heart aches
Walking down off the porch and to the lake
Reeling in the beauty of what to make

My time is now mine with no boss a round
Enjoying my freedom and the things I found
Something’s I keep in the foreground
But most is hid in my secret underground

I’ve said too much and they’ll try and find
All my secrets I keep deep in my mind
They say I’m crazy and keep me confined
Now watch me manipulate humankind

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/26


Do Less For More

Why do we skate these reindeer games
Has the snow and ice frozen your brains
Think I’ll forget now it’s turned to rain
Slipping on the black ice with new pain

Lies opened your exotic drawer
Red teddies and strings are less for more
Speeding towards a climatic score
Let the music play on, skate and soar

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/15





I need to be helped by your warm hands

Helping wipe off the cold golden sand

The sun’s ebbing with ocean’s waves

Your hands are pressing for more, behave


© 2015 Michael Yost 06/10

Beyond Purpose

We all have a purpose beyond who we are
Ignoring it and pushing it too far
Everyone knows it comes up too late
Ignoring me and pushing me to hate

Now just around the next corner I peeked
This far away I could smell him he reeked
Leaving mom and me alone long ago
We each forgave watching bloody piss flow

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/26


Mutual Contract

It is a matter of fact
We all have needs to attract
Now getting older we act
We strut for mutual contract

Now she forwards turgid fronts
Tight zippers bearing the brunt
Baring their prize for her hunt
She passed ignoring their stunt

© 1915 Michael Yost 04/24


Another Day In A Life

What more could you possibility want
Walking all around all you do is flaunt
I tried to help your brother you looked beyond
Taking all he had forsaking your bond

Why do you drain your twin why don’t you share
In the past you were one but both the pair
Then growing apart both loving Romeo
Pushing and pulling behind as he’s goes

Stopping and watching him walking away
Henry and Henrietta started yelling stay
Then he turned around with tears in his eyes
As a Herm they didn’t know Dad said he’d die

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/16


Branded For Life

She burned bright on the back of my eyes
Remembering each hot tear I cried
Watching them dance on and vaporize
All in hoping they’d catch her, first prize

© 2015 Michael Yost 03/15

Relationships or Relations**t??

I’ve joined a dating website called “Christian Matchmaker” and this came to me and I wanted to share
I like to compare relationships to a jigsaw puzzle. Finding the corners first and then the straight edged to connect the corners. Sometimes the pieces are blue sky and it takes a little longer to piece them together. Others have enough definition to piece them together quickly.

Now you meet someone that at first glance seems to be a good candidate but then you learn that there’s a lot of blue sky . Now it’s harder to put the puzzle together because he or she is just frustrated and it’s complicated. Do you stay and take on the challenge and try to help put together the blue sky or do you walk away? The people that stay and who are willing to understand that it gives a better picture of the puzzle start to develop a new relationship. Others who don’t sometimes end up stepping into a relations**t (Poop).


I’m glad you plucked it in from the air above you.
It just passed through my hair leaving silver slivers.
Gathering our thought’s basting them together
Towards balancing our being together forever

Our separate love’s of sadness and sorrow
Gives our new pattern together tomorrow
Old is new and new could be forever
Or my favorites, jeans from my pass me downs

© 2014 Michael Yost 06/12

Silly I’m The Whaler

Clever, careful and crazy
This is the way poems should come forth
Why do we write; we’re lazy
Instead of navigating north

That’s right a poet and a thailor
Other times a pawn and Queen
Then I’m playing gin with my jailor
Copying lost people is what I mean

Over night things usually change
But from my hand to the jailor’s
Alibi means I’m not the blame
Get me my ship I’m the whaler
© 2014 Michael Yost 06/17

Cold Evening

Another cold evening without you
Spooning was a length of warmth delivered
Until morning you were exhaling blue
Tickling small hairs on my neck I shivered

Dave and I are all alone without Grace
She trained Dave very well and he’s behaved
Awaking again she’s not in her place
Morning passed badly getting dressed and shaved

Half finished dreams reflect my state of mind
Letting her go hasn’t been very easy
In the end once more, we’re left behind
But my love alone lets her go freely

The steel doors kept locked and the windows barred
She’s back at the asylum without delay
The patient and the dog were found by the guard
Trying to find a small place out of the way
© 2014 Michael Yost 06/01

Daddy’s Shoes

I fill these large shoes but stumble
Falling down hard I am humbled
All around jeering mumbles
Like it’s funny that I tumbled

Again my self talk is bad
I only want to be sad
Where’s your reason to be glad
Your goodness drives me mad

Walking the earth to be hurt
Wanting your ear not your skirt
Finally mocking overt
Calling me an introvert

Crying so long I started a tide
Then slipping on my backside
Rolling in poo again I cried
It’s got to be time for suicide

The shoes fall off climbing up
I slipped down holding on snug
Three more feet to crest the top
Almost there to take the flop

No Ideating, Just flipping the bird
How many listened to or heard
Close off your brain, open your heart
Hear their cries before they depart

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/23



The Cold Stove

Hearing her voice smile, “It’s got to be time”
Her warm body sliding closer to mine
My eyes closed I felt her breathe on my neck
She had a cold stove with embers to check

Swinging my feet over hitting the floor
It’s so cold, there should be another chore
But just in time running I managed to beat
Squeezing against pressure to lift the seat

Now the three red embers were dying for fuel
Next to the cord was kindling as a rule
Last nights beef stew was sitting in the fridge
Coffee pot set up for our dark dosage

Logs and some pages from a comic book
Heat up the cold stove ready to cook
With a jump my cold feet found her assets
Vowing her vengeance later I felt regret

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/19

Love at Ten

Let me find that gentle smile
That makes me feel juvenile
Stuttering my feelings I blush
Everyone believes it’s a crush

I’ve loved you since I turned ten
God only knows why it was then
Your eyes, your smile and velvet cheeks
Those were the things I did peek

Ten years later I feel the same
My regret is I’m filled with shame
Not being a Prince, a different caste
Poured as a mold into a class

I had to let her go that day
Her dowry was given away
She married the Prince and he died
Then flashed an evil look in her eyes

She got up and ran away clean
Not leaving a visible crime scene
She followed my trail to me here
Then said it would be alright dear

My feelings were stressed for ten years
Standing together never so near
Now she’s ready I’m feeling juvenile
Her velvet cheek had a tear and a smile

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/17


Waking Up Your Bride

Come on into your dream
I promise you won’t scream
The night is lonely
Come and be my only

I too want you always
I know your fantasies
The sheets are red satin
You open my passion

Come steal away my heart
Close your eyes come let’s start
Always keeping you satisfied
And waking up your bride

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/25